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Marriage is an institution that requires seriousness and responsibility. For this, it is useful to have information about marriage before getting married and to prepare yourself for marriage. Here's what you need to know about marriage;

Things to Know About Marriage

Marriage is as much the dream of young girls as it is of men. Men also want to get married and establish a warm home. It is always said in society that men do not want to marry. However, the situation is like this; The man wants to marry but is afraid of taking responsibility, the man wants to marry but runs away because his financial situation does not allow it, the man wants to get married, but he does not marry because he cannot find a girl to marry.

Let's give our warnings for men and women to focus on the problems they will face in marriage and be prepared for them, because people who can't figure out what marriage is, apply to the courts for divorce in a short time. Therefore, we wanted to give information about marriage ;

1. Be Tolerant

The biggest problem most couples face in the early days of marriage is seeing their spouse's behavior differently and finding them strange. You two are not the same. So be tolerant of each other .

2. Be Patient

In the first 2-3 years of marriage, arguments and incompatibility between spouses are high. As their experts say, couples face a lot of hardship in the first five years and this is when divorces usually happen. It will not be easy to catch the harmony, so be patient.

3. Keep Your Sex Life Alive

Marriage therapists are preferred by many young couples before marriage and in the first years of marriage. Couples ignore problems during their dating period and pretend to be the perfect personHe does not want to upset his loved one, he is afraid of hurting him, but when couples do not see the excitementlove, and passion they hoped for with marriage, the couples begin to distance themselves from each other.

That's why you can strengthen the bond between you by keeping your sex life alive. Let no one deceive himself; Sex is the most important factor in marriage. People whose sexual life is not good to become unhappy and distance themselves from their spouses.

4. Don't Try to Change Your Partner

The biggest mistake many couples make is trying to change their partnerDo not fall into this dream thinking that it will change over time. Of course, there may be a change in people, but hoping for this will bring you nothing but unhappiness. Accept it as it is and love it as it is. This will be very good for both of you. 

5. Be Respectful in Discussions

There will be occasional arguments in marriage. See them as the spice of marriage. While arguing, never do anything that will damage the respect between you and that you will regret later. These types of mistakes will destroy your marriage. The philosophy of your marriage; is “Peace, trust, and most importantly, respect .”